Select a plan, select a music channel, and start playing instantly!

Legally stream your “branded-music-channel” from any device, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, and more.

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Music Channels are streamed instantly over the Internet.

Thus giving the ability for custom music, company branding, and custom messaging.

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Set-up promotional messages or company branding between songs.

Total control of the audio in your location. Connect with your customers and increase your sales.

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No commitments, with the freedom to cancel online at any time.

Start your first month free. For multiple locations, please contact us for an enterprise package.

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Why Do I Need A Music Service?

If you own, manage, or run any business where customers enter your store or location, then you “legally” need a legal-music-service, (not Pandora, not Spotify, not your I-Pad, or I-Pod, not your employees devices with whatever music or music-device they bring to your office, not your local radio station, and absolutely not a random cd on repeat. Here’s the fastest way to understand this. Many people don’t understand the “fact” that the music-industy is a business. The same way you might have downloaded a song illegal from the internet, is a very similar illegal-offense here and the same organizations, (The Pro’s, AKA “The Performance Rights Organizations”) will prosecute your company! Sometimes, even the individual artists will prosecute your company, and they will win every-time, hands down!! Your fee for making this mistake will vary from 30K, to 500K and up. It all depends on how long you’ve been making this mistake? Examples: (INSERT LADY GAGA-ETC).

Why Do I Have To Pay Royalties?

I bought the songs!, I own them!. Music is “NEVER” owned by you!, ever! Stop thinking you own it, because you simply don’t. You didn’t write it, you didn’t produce it, you didn’t record, etc., etc. When you buy a song from ITunes, you are purchasing “the legal rights to play it for yourself as a consumer“, NOT AS A BUSINESS FOR MANY PEOPLE. And again, you don’t own the song. Owning a song out-right would be called publishing, and purchasing-publishing is multi-million-dollar endeavor, (not a one-dollar buy from iTunes). Understanding those facts, let’s continue. Because you are only purchasing the rights to play a song for yourself as a consumer, “if” you should choose to play music in your business which you are making money from, then you need to pay music-royalties to the artists, and every individual that was or is involved in the creation or ownership of each individual song, and all the companies connected to them as well! Otherwise, you will get sued by the Pros. To explain how to pay everyone involved, would be a VERY long process, (I’ve been in the industry for well over a decade and finally just completely understand it now).

Who Pays The Royalties?

That’s why we are here. We are music experts, and will pay “all” of the fees for you to the correct companies/people, plus will indemnify you from any legal music issues. Additionally, we give you a certificate, (that you can hang in your location, or keep in a folder) if anyone asks if you are up-to-date with paying your music royalties. If anyone has any questions, our telephone number is on that certificate so we can answer for you!, (Ex: Certificate-click me).

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