Additional Zones

Means you get more variety of music and music channels playing in different areas within your locations, all at the same time, all for a lower cost.


Stream one channel to the lounge while streaming another in the bathrooms

Fitness Clubs

Other streaming services don’t allow fitness classes to stream music, but we do!


Setting the mood in the bar vs the dining area can make all the difference in sales

About Zones

Adding additional zones within your location will help create different moods, making the over all experience more enjoyable for your customers.

We encourage you to add multiple zones within your locations. We even provide a discounted price for each additional zone within your locations! Plus you can add an unlimted amount

Music is extremely important for cultivating the right vibe. It can be the difference between a customer choosing to stay for that extra purchase, or deciding if they ever want to come back. We’re in business to help nurture that perfect environment, while saving you money at the same time.

Exclusive Music, No Restrictions

Other streaming services have restrictions as to where music can be streamed, (this is enforced by the PROS.) For example, in a gym, commerical music cannot be streamed any in fitness classes.
We are the only streaming service in the world that invests extensively in music publishing. We own one hundred percent of all the music publishing rights to all of our custom KK Exclusive Music that is played within our KK Exclusive Channels.
Therefore, you can stream any of our KK Exclusive Music Channels in any zone that you would like, with absolutely no restrictions! Enjoy custom, exclusive music written and composed by Grammy-Award-Winning producers and #1 songwriters, only available on KrossKast!

Total Zone Control

Our online managment system allows you to have total control over all of your zones in each of your locations. Not only can you enjoy different music in each zone, but you can also have different promotional messages playing within each zone as well.

We give you the ability to customize your messaging as:

  • Global: Play national brand messages across all zones.
  • Local: Play customized, targeted messages in specific zones.
  • None: No messages, just music.
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We do music, making your business one step simpler.

We do music, making your business one step simpler.